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Hey moon,

You always up there, watching over me...

When the sun rise and the day come, i can't see you.
The light of the sun is too bright for me so i can't find you, but one thing i know, you always there, watching behind the sun...
When the sun down and turn the day into a night, there you are. I can see how awesome are you.
Standing there in the middle of the night sky, very gently the way you see into my heart.
Whatever the shape you are being to be, but i know that you are always there.

That night, you led my way into your light.
Very calm and warm even though the surface is so rough, but still, it doesn't bother me at all.
I was watching you over and over again, when i talked to God...
I asked Him, "May i go with him God? or what should i gonna do with this moon? Just show me the way..."

I kept staring at the moon and talked to myself,
maybe this is not the right time to start but when the time is about to happen, on that time, my heart is yours.

and for the rest of my way home, i just smiled for the moon, and hugged from behind...
Did you know? You are like the moon for me...
thank you for watching me...


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