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Sunday, Oct 24th 2010

I went to church with my friend and the priest talked about humble and forgiveness. She showed about a video that has a relation about that two words. My tears was falling a little while i watched it in a big projector in front of the altar. Somehow, it was remind me about something similar in my life, so if you want to see how does the video show you about forgiveness, then click the link below:

that: Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.
To be humble, you have to forgive mistakes that people done to you. To forgive and forget is better that to remember other's mistakes and make it as a revenge. Forgive other's, then God will forgive yours.

God bless.

Zachary David Alexander Efron, i am a big fan of you!

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See you there fellas. :)

Recently packaging makes me sick, but truthfully it makes me love it even more. It makes me learn how to package a product in a good way because a price of a product, 80% is the package. Like a quote, " don't judge a book from it's cover ", but hell yeah, the cover has a very important role on it, as important as the package of a product. Then, happy package.

This is my very first learn about packaging, the very simple colorful boxes. I made it on pink, blue, and green, the pink, is my favorite one. :)

and this is what i did for past two days for my mid test assignment, repackaging a traditional product. I decided to repackage Teh Cap Botol and made it into the new one. I like the cute leaves on it. :)

This night, it's raining again,
with memories that may be wound in the hear,
which should be wound to heal,
which I hope nothing ever happened,

I remember when my father went and we started hungry,
not unusual for
me to live on the streets,
in my time yet understand the meaning of a divorce,
which destroy all the wonderful things that
once I have,

it is reasonable at this time I envy you who live happily in the beautiful situation of a house,
things that I always give the dark with my life,
no self-esteem for my life continue to survive,

a moment could I forget,
with a liquor which is currently my handheld,
or scraping the glass on my arm,
i will do everything, i want to forget.

but if i sober from my hangover last night,
this wound in my increasingly feel ,
at the moment I have understood how beautiful in love,
no dairy thing I get since
I live on the streets,

-Last Child (English version)-

There is a death between a born.

A little baby coming down to the earth to start the life,
but on the other side,
there is an old woman, breathing her last breath, closing her eyes, and going up to heaven.
Meanwhile, the rest of her family, crying out loud and shouting, "Mum!" "Grandma!",
but she hearing that and smiling from the above, and in the bottom of her heart, she says,
"I love you all..."

Goodbye grandma. We are love you too. Really love you. Have a great last journey in heaven. Have a great rest in peace.
Have a wonderful meeting with Jesus Christ there. Goodbye...
See you there...

Dedicated for my lovely grandma, Clara Simanungkalit (RIP).
8 October 2010 - 3:25 pm.