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Westmorelandism Room

There is a death between a born.

A little baby coming down to the earth to start the life,
but on the other side,
there is an old woman, breathing her last breath, closing her eyes, and going up to heaven.
Meanwhile, the rest of her family, crying out loud and shouting, "Mum!" "Grandma!",
but she hearing that and smiling from the above, and in the bottom of her heart, she says,
"I love you all..."

Goodbye grandma. We are love you too. Really love you. Have a great last journey in heaven. Have a great rest in peace.
Have a wonderful meeting with Jesus Christ there. Goodbye...
See you there...

Dedicated for my lovely grandma, Clara Simanungkalit (RIP).
8 October 2010 - 3:25 pm.


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