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Westmorelandism Room

as if i don't have, what should i call it, past.
as if he doesn't has it neither.
really, it's none of my business. it is his past.
i don't want to screw up his memory, eventhough for just take a little look out there.
i have my own too. and maybe it is none of his business too.
yeah, we have our own, each of us.
one side i just wanna know what was there on his past, but the other side, "hey Sam, come on, it's none of your business!"
i stared for a second and took a deep breath, whispered, "yeah, that's right." The next thing i did. i closed it, the folder of he and his past.
just it. and just it.
yeah i have one too on my dearest notebook.
i can't even delete it and see it on my recycle bin.
you know, maybe past is just past, but it gave me happiness at that time.
everything about me and my past at that time was so great.
so why i have to delete it and erase it from my folder or even from my own memory?
no, i can't. i still want to keep my past in my deepest head, deepest heart. no matter how it makes me hurt or no matter it made me hurt,
maybe he has the same though as me. maybe.
oh past, would be there forever, or would you be the future?


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