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Westmorelandism Room

one thing that you have to know, i threw away the imagination of us. the imagination of us means the imagination of lovebirds. you made me laugh, you made me smile. i am happy when i am with you. i can share everything with you. i can share my tears and i can share my happiness, but boy, i just don't wanna be a burden for you. i am not that good and i am not that sweet. i don't wanna you to wait for me. you said that it's your right to decide whether i am worth it or not, and that was shocked me enough. no one ever tell me before. boy, i don't wanna hurt you and i don't wanna make you disappointed later on. because boy, you deserve better than me. oh my God, i don't what to do. really absurd in my mind. but i know, and i consider my question as the wise one. it was no, not a big no, but just a no. just live your life freely. without any burden of feeling in me. without being a slave of love. boy, you've been good for me and i know it will be for a long time ahead, but i don't wanna give you a chance that i can't afford in the future. like you said before when you gave me your advise, "soulmate will be together again someday." and i keeping that on my mind carefully. maybe, we will, but maybe we won't, but for now, is no. i don't know about the future dear. but i just want to make it clear, for now, i just wanna deal with my past and my present. i wanna fix the broken mirror then go to find the new one someday. i wish you could understand. we are still friends, aren't we? no hard feeling and don't be upset, you promised me. i wanna keep "us" friends forever with no separation and the damn status. oh boy, thank you very much for everything. my boy and my best best best bestfriend. :)


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